Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g

Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g
Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g
Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g
Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g
Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g
Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g
Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g
Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g

Cinnamon Green Tea - 100g

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Description :

What is the value of a cup of Green Tea if it ain’t offering a refreshing feel-good moment?

Case in point, Chaayos brings to you a very special blend of Cinnamon Green Tea that promises not only an everlasting refreshing moment but in the long run, boosts your immunity immensely!  

As the name suggests, this blend is a subtle combination of Cinnamon and Premium Quality Whole Tea leaves, well-contained in an air-tight zip-lock pack.
Rest assured, this Green Tea is a guaranteed detoxifier!

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Green Tea

  • Immunity Enhancer: Our Cinnamon Green Tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants that act as natural immunity boosters.

  • Improves Metabolism:  This tea is loaded with Cinnamon which is well known for aiding digestion. Even more, this herbal Green Tea contains Catechin, an antioxidant, that helps improve metabolism.

  • Fantastic Weight Loss Remedy:  Chaayos Cinnamon Green Tea is highly recommended to those who’re wanting to lose weight. This Caffeine and Catechin constituent tea acts as a natural fat burner and also increases metabolism.

  • Detoxifier:  Our special blend of Cinnamon Green Tea is a recommended Detox drink. Including this concoction in your daily routine will exfoliate the toxins and dirt from your system.

    A Quality First Product

    Our tea connoisseurs at Chaayos have dedicated a tremendous amount of time to make a refined selection of the finest Tea Leaves & Cinnamon. They aim to match the expectations of a nation full of consumers who deserve the perfect balance of Taste & Health in the form of this unique blend of Green Tea. Not to mention, this 100 % natural concoction is completely sugar-free!
    In case you noticed, your Calorie count is taken care of. 


    Why choose Chaayos Green Tea?


    Chaayos Green Teas are power-packed with health benefits and are made of 100 % natural ingredients. These unique blends of Green Teas are contained in purely organic air-tight ziplock packs, that ensure the freshness of the tea stays intact till the very last cup. Each sip of Chaayos Green Tea will not only tickle your taste buds but also elevate your senses! 

    A Great Tasting Easy To Make Green Tea

    When it comes to Chaayos Green Teas, not only do they taste exceptional, but are also extremely easy to prepare. They offer far greater flexibility than tea bags, provided prepared the right way.

    Making the picture-perfect Chaayos Cinnamon Green Tea  in 5 Easy Steps

    • Bring the water to a boil. 
    • Add 3/4th teaspoon of Turmeric & Cardamom Green Tea  
    • Shut the flame and cover with a lid. 
    • Steep for 3-5 minutes. 
    • Strain and enjoy your Turmeric & Cardamom Green Tea.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Start afresh with an invigorating cup of Chaayos Cinnamon Green Tea.
    Bring home this Elixir and let the Chaayos experience begin.


    Ingredients :


    Long Green Tea and Cinnamon
    Nutritional Information
    Approx. Values Per 100g
    Total Fat (g) 4.88
    Protein (g) 21.37
    Carbohydrate 61.09
    Sugar (g) Nil
    Energy (kcal) 373.76
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