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Make Your Own Chai - 400g Pack

Make Your Own Chai - 400g Pack

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Chaayos Meri Wali Chai brings to you a unique chai experience crafted just for you. The tea is customized with flavours made specially for you.

With over 7 flavours to choose from, make the tea of your choice as per your taste. Our flavours range from Ginger, Cardamom, Tulsi, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Clove and Saunf.

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    I simply love the flavours they have introduced. The tea leaves and flavours are so fresh. I love the concept of getting my own customized chai patti. Amazing product!!


    It's amazing tea product, the flavour and taste above all the simplicity of making a tea with these are never underrated, just boil water and make your tea. The customization of tea definitely helps me with making the tea I want as per my need.


    Created by Master Blenders @ Chaayos – We create all our products with love, care and most importantly blended in the right proportion for your special chai. We use fresh ingredients to create your customised order.

    Premium Assam Tea Leaves- Curated with the finest tea leaves from the exceptional valley-grown tea from Assam, this irresistible aroma of specially selected long leaves definitely makes it stand apart from the rest.

    100 % Natural Flavours & 100% Organic Tea– All the flavours used in creating your unique chai experience undergo extensive procedures to give you a truly exotic experience. With natural and organic ingredients enjoy your chai with complete

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