Instant Tea - Ginger Cardamom - Low Sugar (150ml)

Instant Tea - Ginger Cardamom - Low Sugar (150ml)
Instant Tea - Ginger Cardamom - Low Sugar (150ml)
Instant Tea - Ginger Cardamom - Low Sugar (150ml)
Instant Tea - Ginger Cardamom - Low Sugar (150ml)
Instant Tea - Ginger Cardamom - Low Sugar (150ml)

Instant Tea - Ginger Cardamom - Low Sugar (150ml)

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The Instant Premix Teas from Chaayos are what make Ingredients For Great Times.

Whether you are travelling, or low on utensils or plain lazy, or want to impress your friends with your perfect cup of tea, the instant Adrak Elaichi premix is just the right product for you. Measured powder in sachets for an exact cup of tea, you will get the perfect cuppa with 100% natural ingredients.

We Got It Right, For You!


  • Tea
  • Dried Ginger Flakes (Adrak)
  • Cardamom (Elaichi)
  • Low Sugar
  • Milk Powder


Here’s how to make it:

  • Pour the mixture from the sachet in a cup
  • Add boiling hot water in the cup
  • And That's it. Just stir well and enjoy your Desi Chai


Chilling with friends is a ritual we all enjoy. What makes it even more fun is a kadak cup of chai to go along. Serve your bunch with Chaayos premixed Adrak - Elaichi Chai and your home will be the adda for all kinds of gup, mayhem and shenanigans. Carefully crafted, they come in sachets measured for one perfect large cup/home mug of tea that gives you the taste of a fresh brew every single time. Fab to carry when travelling with your gang or when you invite them over for gaming, this Adrak-Elaichi mix will be a hit everywhere!

Chaayos is mindful of your street cred and thus has chosen specific recipes and superlative ingredients. The age-old recipe of the Adrak-Elaichi chai is not merely to satiate your taste buds. Ginger aids in easing headaches and migraines and has powerful antioxidant properties that are great for overall wellness. Elaichi is a natural mouth freshener and is recommended for general oral hygiene. What’s more is that this chai contains low sugar which aids in sugar control, keeping you healthier and lighter.

We believe you should know your chai as well as your best buds. Apart from offering delectable flavours, we care for your health and have, thus, made this concoction with all-natural ingredients and low sugar. You can supplement the sweetness with natural sweeteners like jaggery if you find it mild. The ingredients not only create a confluence of flavours but are great for keeping gut health and the common cold at bay.

Get your hands on Chaayos range of instant premix teas and enjoy your refreshing cup of tea in no time. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who considers his body a temple, are looking for your maa ke haath ka swaad or are just on the lookout for meri wali chai, we have it all covered! These come in powdered form that ensures you get the same taste every time. Experience a range of green teas, black teas, premixes and black tea bags for chai enthusiasts everywhere.

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