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About the Contest

1. Draw an illustration/comic/doodle/painting/design (anything) portraying "Chai and Relax" and your art can be digital or hand painted.

2. Should have a conceptual story attached to your artwork.

3. 3 Winners will get a cash prize of ₹30,000 (each). 10 best designs (including the 3 winners) will be printed on Chaayos' food trays and more packaging material in the near future.  

4. If you share your entry on social media with #ChaiAndRelaxArt and Tag us.(Keep your profile public) 

5. Last date for submission in February 28th, 2022, we won’t accept any entries after that date.

Do's and Dont's

Some do’s and dont’s to make sure your entry is eligible:

1. The file size must not be more than 5 mb.

2. While submitting a google drive link, please make sure to keep the file permission to the public for us to download.

3. Once we pick winners, we’ll ask you for the high resolution/ open file version of your art that’ll be the future Chaayos hero.

4. Chaayos can amend any terms and condition

5. Chaayos holds every right on the usage of the submitted artwork in future.

6. Also follow Chaayos' Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handle.

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