Masala Chai Tea Bags

Masala Chai Tea Bags
Masala Chai Tea Bags
Masala Chai Tea Bags
Masala Chai Tea Bags

Masala Chai Tea Bags

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Description :

Chai is an integral part of our lives. Chaayos brings for you, an instant tea sachet made of only the best natural ingredients.

If you think you have a tea OCD, this sachet will give you the perfect cuppa every time. And if you are an enthusiast and like to experiment, this is for you too - use this as a base mixture and add milk and sugar or lemon and honey to your taste.

These tea bags facilitate a faster infusion of natural tea leaves and many Indian spices combined together! At the office or when at home, prepare your perfect cup of Chai in less than 2 mins and the best part is that it's as easy and quick as a snap of fingers.

Ingredients - measured proportions of spices and tea for 1 cup of tea, packed in a biodegradable bag.

  1. Tea
  2. Dried Ginger Flakes (makes the tea 'chai')
  3. Cardamom (for the desi punch)
  4. Cinnamon (for the aroma)
  5. Cloves (add a bit of health)
  6. Black Pepper (for some punch)

How to make it - It’s simple - Easy Peasy Every-time

  1. Boil water & milk separately
  2. Pour water in a mug (to your taste) Add milk & sugar
  3. Dunk the teabag - keep it longer for a stronger taste.
  4. Stir or don't - the chai is done creating its magic.
  5. Smell it, Sip it, repeat till it's finished.


What’s even more special than the taste itself is the fact that the tea bags are convenient and safe, for they are stapleless. These teabags are tied and sealed with just plain cotton threads that diminish the chances of swallowing by accident. Also, the tea bags are made in the paper that makes it easier for the bag to be biodegradable. More goods in this than any other tea solution. The world is graduating to eco options, options that produce less waste, are ethical, sustainable, and easy. You can choose that too by choosing Chaayos’ organic, 100% natural, homegrown ingredients.

The teabags are an upgraded tea time experience. Just add milk or lemon and water to taste and you get the perfect Chaayos cafe chai in a jiffy. It is so convenient that anyone, including men, kids, and even those who know only how to warm hot water can make it effortlessly. Enjoy your chai time with delectable snacks and so much more from Chaayos.


Get your hands on Chaayos's range of instant premix teas and enjoy your refreshing cup of tea in no time. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who considers his body a temple, are looking for your maa ke haath ka swaad or are just on the lookout for meri wali chai, we have it all covered! These come in powdered form that ensures you get the same taste every time. Experience a range of green teas, black teas, premixes, and black tea bags for chai enthusiasts everywhere.


Ingredients :

Tea, Dried Ginger Flakes, Spiced & Condiments (Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper)
Nutritional Information
Approx. Values Per 100g
Total Fat (g) 3.32
Protein (g) 17.22
Carbohydrate 65.73
Sugar (g) <1.0
Energy (kcal) 361.68
Instant Tea - Cardamom - Regular Sugar (36 Sachets)
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Masala Chai Tea Bags
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